Gas Oil / Red Diesel

Red diesel & gas oil supply and delivery in Cheshire

Red diesel / gas oil is arguably the invisible force behind some of the country’s most important industries. Farmers, factories, shipping companies and mining firms all rely on easy access to good quality red diesel in order to be productive. At EGS Fuels, we know how important it is to be able to offer such a vital fuel to our customers, whether they are operating coastal businesses, or situated in rural areas. We pride ourselves on our round-the-clock service which allows us to deliver red diesel to customers across Manchester and Cheshire, seven days a week. Our local knowledge and red diesel expertise means that our clients get the best possible service at the most competitive prices.

Gas Oil and Red Diesel

What is red diesel?

Red diesel is known by a lot of different names – gas oil, tractor diesel, cherry red, generator diesel, 35-second oil, and agricultural diesel. But no matter what it is called, the basic product is still the same. Like regular diesel gas, red diesel is made from a mixture of crude oil components known as hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons create a very stable product which is less explosive and flammable than other fuels – making it perfect for regular use in agricultural; and industrial settings. However, unlike regular diesel, it can be sold at very low rebated prices to a select group of people. This is due to a taxation law which makes it more affordable for people who are reliant on access to cheap fuel to conduct their business.

FUN FACT – Red diesel gets its name from the red dye which is added to the gas, to differentiate it from regular, colourless diesel. However, this red dye will stain the inside of the engine, making it easier for authorities to identify instances of illegal red diesel usage.

Who can buy red diesel?

Red diesel is typically used by people in the agricultural sector, or for industrial use in other fuel-reliant businesses.  HMRC is extremely vigilant about illegal uses of red diesel, and anyone found to have been using red diesel illegally may be subject to a large fine.  According to the taxman, the following people are eligible to use cheaper red diesel products in the course of their work:

  • Farmers and other agricultural workers.
  • Transport firms.
  • Plant and equipment hire businesses.
  • Shipping businesses.
  • Quarrying and mining firms.

If you are unsure whether or not your business qualifies for a red diesel allowance, contact HMRC directly before purchasing any fuel.

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We sell red diesel in quantities ranging as little as 25 litres. We are happy to arrange small packaged deliveries are available, and we also offer a 4×4 delivery service for remote areas or sites where you simply don’t want to store fuel. We offer a wide range of payment terms to help you manage your cash-flow.

If you want to learn more about how we source or store our red diesel, and when we can deliver your fuel supply, get in touch by phone on 01625 873163 or by email.

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Get in touch by phone on 01625 873163 or by email. Our depot is open 6 days a week between 7am and 6:30pm Monday to Thursday, 7am to 6pm on Friday. We also open Saturdays.

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