Emergency Oil Delivery

Emergency home and business fuel deliveries in Cheshire and Manchester

Our same-day delivery service means that you never have to experience another emergency fuel shortage again. At EGS Fuels, we understand the panic of running out of kerosene, diesel and red diesel, whether you are running a household, a business, or a farm. That is why we are proud to offer emergency fuel deliveries with a 24 hour delivery guarantee, to customers old and new.

We have specialised in emergency deliveries since our family-run business was founded in 1993, and over the past 25+ years we have perfected our delivery services to ensure that our customers are never left without the fuel that they need.

Our round-the-clock service allows us to deliver kerosene, diesel, and red diesel to customers across Manchester and Cheshire, seven days a week, no matter where you are based.  Furthermore, our purpose built mini tankers can get to the most difficult parts of the rural North West within a matter of hours, so that our customers have peace of mind no matter what the weather.

What does an emergency fuel delivery involve?

Simply give us a call on 01625 873163 and we will get to work immediately to ensure that you receive your fuel as quickly as possible. This may involve rerouting one of our delivery vehicles, or sending a new delivery out from our depot. All we need to know is: what fuel you need; and where you are based.

Who needs emergency fuel deliveries?

Anyone can experience a fuel emergency. We have been called out to cases where a boiler has leaked; where fuel supplies have become contaminated; or where fuel or heating oil has been stolen from a domestic or commercial property. On occasion, when a business changes hands, fuel management is not an immediate priority, and this can lead to sudden shortages which bring work to a standstill.

We supply to more than 700 customers across the North West, and our trained sales staff is always happy to advise on the quickest ways to get your fuel levels back to normal. Our central location means that we can reach most of our customers within a few hours, seven days a week.

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We sell kerosene and diesel in quantities ranging from 500 litres right through to 36,000 litres; and we offer red diesel in volumes as low as 25 litres. Our purpose-built mini tankers can get to the most remote parts of Cheshire, while our centrally-located depot means that we are never more than a few hours away from our North West customers.

In order to avoid needing an emergency fuel delivery, we offer regular tank top-up services to ensure that our customers never run out of heating oil or fuel unexpectedly. Our flexible payment solutions can spread the cost of your bills over the year, and we can accept a range of different payment plans.

If you want to learn more about our emergency fuel delivery services, get in touch by phone on 01625 873163 or by email.

Contact us for emergency or regular oil deliveries

Get in touch by phone on 01625 873163 or by email. Our depot is open 6 days a week between 7am and 6:30pm Monday to Thursday, 7am to 6pm on Friday. We also open Saturdays.

What Our Clients Say

 We’ve been delivering to our customers in Cheshire, Manchester and the North-West reliably and regularly for over 25 years.